Like real military knives, these CS2 Bowie Knife replicas feature a straight blade with a wide belly and curved tip, as well as a large crossbar at the top of the handle. In short, this is how a hunting knife should be. And thanks to its large blade, all the details of the skins really stand out.

The colourful Bowie Knife CS2 skins are beautiful to behold. Designs like Red Slaughter, Hyper Beast deserve a prime spot in your display. If you want something less flashy for your collection, there’s also Crimson web or Galaxy black. They will always look nice, because the blade’s high-quality stainless steel is resistant to abrasion and tarnishing. This behemoth will also come to you in a stylish LOOTKNIFE box.

The biggest CS2 knife – Bowie Knife
The Bowie Knife gets its name from Colonel James Bowie, who reportedly never let it out of his hand. He also used it to fend off numerous foes in a skirmish on the Vidalia Sandbar in Louisiana, USA. There, after an arranged duel, the situation escalated and a knife fight ensued––literally. Despite gunshot and stab wounds, James Bowie managed to survive and fight back, thanks to his knife.

The Bowie knife is sturdy, heavy, and designed for work as well as combat. It features a massive straight blade, about 18cm long with a distinctly curved tip. Nowadays, you can find it in the packs of hunters, soldiers, forestry workers and all those who work outdoors.

CS2 Bowie knives feature a long blade made of stainless steel and a well-crafted handle for a firm grip. Of course, the sharp blade is just as good for cutting and slicing finer materials as it is for heavy-duty outdoor work. The blade features official CS2 skins that are applied directly to the surface, making them resistant to scuffs and scratches. And thanks to repainting, the texture of each skin stands out perfectly.

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