Our Story

We are lovers of CS2 and also great knife enthusiasts. We’ve been collectors for years, so it only made sense for us to get into replica knives from CS2. But we were not satisfied with the quality of the knives we found on the market––either with the craftsmanship, or the selection of skins. We wanted knives that we could proudly display on our shelves.

The Beginnings

Our first step was to contact manufacturers. We requested better materials so that we could create custom skins for our own CS2 collection. We wanted materials that were durable and wouldn’t lose their pristine appearance over time. When we saw the reaction from the CS2 community and the level of enthusiasm other gamers and enthusiasts had for these knives, we decided to create LOOTKNIFE.GG so that we could share these beautiful products with the rest of the community.

Beauty In Detail

We design our own knives, so you will not find these skins anywhere else. We understand that these knives are collectors items and are displayed in people’s homes, so all knives are given an additional protective coating, which we apply, so that they can maintain their pristine appearance. This also keeps them safe from scuffs and scratches. We also manufacture our own custom-fitted cases for them to be shipped in. We personally check all the knives ourselves and assess their quality. We’re serious about our knives, so if they don’t meet our standards, we don’t sell them. We carefully package each knife and use only the most trusted couriers for shipping.

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