The CS2 Butterfly Knife, also known as the butterfly, has become extremely popular with players thanks to its distinctive opening system and unique in-game animations. It is distinguished from other CS2 knives by its ability to perform various tricks, which earn additional style points with a properly chosen skin. Every collector wants to have this special piece in their collection.

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With the Butterfly Knife, you won’t go wrong by choosing CS2 skins such as Howl, Hyber Beast, or Asiimov: some of the rarest skins that you can spend hundreds of hours in the game to earn––or buy from us in five minutes. The skin itself is applied to a blade made of high-quality stainless steel, which is scratch-resistant and keeps its texture for a long time. The handle can also be joined and clamped for a secure grip. The knife also comes in a stylish LOOTKNIFE box, where the knife fits like a glove.

The butterfly is something of a specialty in the knife world because it is highly versatile and can perform a variety of functions. Aside from the fact that it’s a badass accessory, it serves primarily as a stabbing weapon, and is also attractive for the number of tricks you can perform on it (there are special training buterflies with blunt blades for just this purpose).

The butterfly is one of the most famous knives from the game Counter-Strike 2. This is the basic equipment of the combat arsenal, for both the seasoned streamer and the complete novice. They have a variety of colorful prints that vary in rarity and contribute to their unique look. The most important thing about the entire knife is the precision crafted blade, which is made from durable, stainless steel and rendered in one of the snazzy CS2 skins. The texture of the skin is created by applying a high quality gloss lacquer directly to the blade, so there is no scratching or wear and tear and an extremely long life is ensured.

The blades can be purchased in blunt version. The blunt-bladed version looks just as good in terms of appearance, but compared to its sharp counterpart, it’s safer and more suitable for practicing all sorts of tricks and parries while keeping the same number of fingers.

The handle is also made of stainless steel and features a variety of designs, whether it’s dominant colours or a curved design to improve your grip. You’ll appreciate that the CS2 butterfly knives feature well-crafted bearings that can handle hundreds of hours of practice and various tricks without showing signs of wear.

To prevent accidental opening and injury, the CS2 butterfly knife is equipped with a practical safety lock. Once released, the knife can be easily extended to the basic position, with a total length of approximately 24cm in the extended form. When folded, it reaches very compact dimensions, so it can easily be stored in pockets or a belt pouch.

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