The CS2 Karambit is one of the most popular and sought after knives in the game. Because of its huge popularity, the Karambit is used by many famous players and CS2 streamers. It has achieved this popularity due to its unique design, superb animations, and luxurious skins that show off this knife in its full glory. The Karambit is simply a must-have item if you are serious about CS2.

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It’s also one of the most credible pieces you can have in your collection. Check out our selection of replica CS2 karambits in the best skins and colours. Some of the rarest and most coveted pieces include Lore, Gamma doppler, and Hyper Beast. The blade’s stainless steel is coated, which makes it durable and scratch resistant. The ergonomically shaped finger grip ensures a firm and comfortable hold. The eyelet on the end increases safety during handling and against accidental slipping out of the hand.

Whether you are buying the Karambit for yourself for pleasure or as a gift, you are sure to enjoy the beautifully crafted LOOTKNIFE gift box, made just for this knife.

The most popular CS2 knife – Karambit
Historical sources date the first mentions of karambit knives back to the 11th century AD. They originated in the islands of Indonesia and were working knives used for cooking fish or small gardening tasks. Over time, knives also became established as a weapon in martial arts.

In particular, the karambit came to the attention of the gaming community as a knife in the shooter Counter-Strike 2. Today, it is no longer a problem to supplement this virtual possession with a real replica that matches the digital model exactly and in detail. CS2 Karambit knives are designed for all collectors and fans of the game who appreciate quality craftsmanship.

The knife stands out above all for its specifically curved crescent blade, which resembles an eagle’s claw. The blade is made of a solid piece of stainless steel, which is covered with a detailed texture inspired by the skins from Counter-Strike 2. The design of the CS2 skin is exactly the same as the game design. This perfect reproduction is due to the high quality of gloss paint. It is applied directly to the surface of the blade to adhere firmly. At the same time, the blade is given a special coating so that there is no cosmetic wear or even scratching and deterioration. Thanks to this, CS2 Karambits retain a pristine look for a very long time. The blade is not just for decoration, it can cut anything, as any knife should.

All CS2 Karambit knives also have unique handles that are shaped for a firm and comfortable grip. The handle is finished with a ring for the pinky or index finger––depending on whether you hold the karambit in an offensive or defensive position––and improves grip stability during work or combat, or prevents it from falling out of your hand.

Included with the Karambit is a handy pouch for storing, or carrying it on your belt, so it’s always close at hand. The length of the blade is approximately 10cm. In addition, due to its curved design, the knife gives a compact impression, and easily fits in the palm of the hand. The overall length, including the handle, is a solid 19cm.

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