The CS2 Bayonet M9 knife is one of the most impressive items, both in the game and in our catalogue. A big part of this is the weight and balance of its extra-long blade. Give your collection a stamp of authenticity with any of the unique patterns, including Marble Fade, Doppler or Slaughter for the more moderate CS2 fan.

These Bayonet M9 CS2 knife replicas feature precision craftsmanship down to the smallest detail, from the aerated stainless steel blade to the curve of the teeth on its saw-tooth spine. The sharpened blade is coated with a uniform layer of lacquer, with a selected skin that is resistant to abrasion and scratches. The crafted handle is tough and comfortable to hold in your hand. A stylish box is included.

The toughest CS2 knife – Bayonet M9

The Bayonet M9 knife belongs to a group of knives that are designed for universal use and tactical close combat. It is particularly popular among members of the U.S. Marines. The blade of the M9 Bayonet knife is made of strong, high-quality stainless steel, approximately 20 centimeters long. Its skin is textured and detailed in a way that matches exactly the skin from CS2.

Because the knife is coated with an additional layer of lacquer, all of the details and finer elements that CS2 skins are famous for stand out. The teeth on the blade’s serrated spine allow the knife to tackle even the toughest materials. The center hole, which reduces weight, is a typical feature. The rubber handle is grooved and also has a nice grip, ensuring a firm and comfortable hold.

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