CS2 Gut Knives are perfect to begin any collection. They are a hot commodity on the market, not only because of their expensive skins, but also because of their overall design. What gives them a unique, stylish look is their barbed tip, or the hook at the end of the blade. The slightly smaller size of the Gut Knife (compared to most other one-handed models) makes it a dangerous weapon, designed especially for silent and stealth masters.

The CS2 Gut Knife will show you that even with a small blade you can be a serious player. Choose the CS2 Gut Knife with the best skin for even more flair. Try the luxurious Marble Fade, or the elegant Lore skin. The finish on the stainless steel blade is tough and scratch resistant, and the handle has a scalloped curve for your index finger. The Gut Knife will come to you in a stylish LOOTKNIFE box and a fitted case.

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