Karambit Display stand – Beast


Show off your prized CS2 Karambit with this specially designed stand from LootKnife! Perfectly designed to hold any Karambit model from our extensive collection, this stand will let it shine in all its glory.
14 days return guarantee
14 days return guarantee
2 years warranty
2 years warranty
Shipping cost EU only 5€
Shipping cost EU only 5€
1 × CS2 Stickers - 10 pcs


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EU shipping 5€
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With the stand you can be sure that your CS2 knife will be proudly displayed in the best light. These stands are made from the highest quality materials to ensure your knife is safe and secure. Add a touch of class to your home or office with this stylish display stand and let your LootKnife Karambit shine!

Key features:
  • Karambit stand can be used for all LootKnife karambit models
  • Makes your knife really stand out
  • Sturdy construction and beautifully designed
  • Glossy finish for a stylish look
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