No Detail Spared

Our knives are modeled to be exact replicas of those found in CS2. No detail is spared. We assess their dimensions and make sure they are built to scale, so they will look the same size in your hand as they do in the game. We work with manufacturers who use the best materials, and we design all the skins ourselves, so you will get custom-made, custom-fitted knives with us, and you won’t find them anywhere else.

Everything On Point

Take the Bayonet M9, for example. This is one of our most impressive items. Its dimensions, weight, balance and extra-long blade match the quality of any knife, in any genre. The aerated stainless steel blade and the teeth on its saw-tooth spine are an example of the fine detail you’ll find on all of our knives. Its big blade also shows off our custom skins and unique patterns, like Marble Fade, Doppler, Slaughter, or Damascus Steel.

The Perfectionists

All our knives are custom made and we design our own skins. We use different modelling techniques to make sure that these skins fit seamlessly on to the blades and don’t peel. We also apply a protective spray to the knives so that they don’t scuff or scratch.

The Elegance of Simplicity

We also want you to have a nice case to keep them in. So we manufacture our own custom LOOTKNIFE cases. Every knife comes with a special description card. Some of them, like the Karambit, even come with a fitted sheath, if you wish to take it on the go.

OK is not enough

All knives are made of stainless steel and meet the universal standard (440C). We personally inspect all our knives to make sure they meet the manufacturing standard, as well as our standards. We’re true CS2 fans, so if the knives don’t meet our standard, they won’t meet yours.

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