AWP Dragon Lore – CS2 XXL Gaming mousepad


This CS2 Themed XXL Gaming Mousepad is the perfect accessory for your gaming setup. Designed by CS2 veterans for optimal performance for casual and professional players alike.

Every feature of this CS2 gaming pad has been designed with one goal in mind - to increase your headshot probability!

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14 days return guarantee
14 days return guarantee
2 years warranty
2 years warranty
Shipping cost EU only 5€
Shipping cost EU only 5€
1 × CS2 Stickers - 10 pcs
1 × Keychain: AK-47
1 × Rank Badge - Global Elite


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Take your gaming to the next level with a CS2 Themed XXL Gaming Mousepad! It has a smooth rubberised surface for optimum accuracy and performance, and a non-slip base to keep it in place during intense gaming sessions. The large 900x400mm pad provides plenty of room for your mouse and keyboard, and the anti-fray stitching ensures it will last for years. This mousepad is waterproof, so spilled coffee or energy drinks will not leave a sticky mess on your pad. Key features:
  • Designed and engineered by CS2 players for CS2 players
  • Ultra-wide size 900x400x2mm to comfortably fit your mouse and keyboard
  • Specially designed surface maximises your shooting accuracy
  • Anti-slip rubber base will not move even in the most intense clutch
  • Anti-fray stitching ensures it will last for years
  • Fully waterproof design
This mouse pad is ideal for gamers who demand the ultimate in precision and performance. With its comfortable, ergonomic design and durable construction, you can rest assured that your mouse and keyboard are supported in style.
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