Are these knives digital or real?

These knives are 100% real. LootKnife knives are real life replicas of Counter-Strike 2 game knives. The knives are all real knives with steel blades. All knives we offer are for collection or display only.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept card payments only.

The product I want is out of stock, what should I do?

We receive new knives on a monthly basis, so if something you want is out of stock, chances are it will be available again in just a few weeks.

You’re also free to send us an email to inquire about when we’ll have stock, and we’ll make sure to notify you when the knife you want becomes available again.

Are these knives dull or sharp?

The knives are produced and sent out to you sharp when you place your order. However, for some models, you can choose to specify the type of knife you want when you want to order by ticking your choice in the box provided.

Note that the sharp knives are extremely sharp while on the other hand, the dull knives have harmless blades and are unable to cut.

Is it possible to sharpen the dull knives?

Yes, however you will likely ruin the skin and damage the layer of anti-corrosion lacquer we spray on it, so we don’t recommend sharpening them.

Are dull knives visually different?

Dull knives are made by taking the steel and putting a skin on it. However, if you want to sharpen the knife, you have to remove the skin from the edge for effective sharpening.

Is the knife display stand included?

No, the display stands aren’t included. If you want a display stand, you can get one here.

Do you ship internationally?

We only ship to a selected EU countries only. You can check if your country is part of those that can be delivered to before placing your order.
Check the shipping list here.

Will my knife by checked by custom?

Your knives may end up being checked by customs, but because delivery is made from an EU country to other EU countries, it is not usually the case. Therefore, your package will typically not being inspected or delayed by customs.

What is the legal age to buy these knives?

It’s required that the purchase of these knives is made by someone that’s of legal age. However, the legal age is determined by the country and it varies from one country to another.

There are some countries on the shipping list where the purchase of these knives by underage people is allowed but it will be under strict parental supervision. By agreeing to the terms and conditions while ordering, you confirm that the purchase is being made according to your country’s legal terms.

What is your return policy?

There’s a 14 days refund policy on any of the knives purchased. This means that if you are not contented with what was delivered to you before or after use, you have 14 days to return it and either get a refund or get a new knife.

You can get more information about the return policy here.

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